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Local runners prepare for Boston Marathon

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Savannah runners are preparing physically and mentally for this year's Boston Marathon. Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the bombings, after pressure cooker bombs went off near the finish line.

"We could see people running which was unusual because after a marathon, the last thing you want to do is run," said runner Jim Brawner, who ran in last year's race.

Brawner said he's one of the lucky ones. He finished the Boston Marathon about an hour before the bombs went off. He says he didn't hear it happen but he knew something was wrong.

"We tried to get on the subway to get back to our hotel and we were told it was closed, there had been an explosion," said Brawner.

He says he didn't even realize what had happened until he got back to his hotel.

"I turned on the TV and we started hearing how awful it was," said Brawner.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller also considers herself lucky; she was ready to run the marathon last year but had to back out at the last minute.

"The week before I had to pull out with a sore foot," said Dr. Miller. "I would have finished right about the same time the bombs went off."

She's run the Boston Marathon before and said this year will be very different as she gets ready to run again.

"I think there will probably be kind of a quiet bonding among the runners that there haven't been in past marathons," said Dr. Miller. "I think there will be less thought about the pace they are going to do and more about looking at the people along the way."

She said she plans to be decked out in ‘Boston Strong' gear and will be more focused on the lives that were lost instead of just the road ahead.

"This is the first time I really could care less what my finishing time is," said Dr. Miller.   

Runners should expect some major changes in security this year.

Dr. Miller said this is the first year they have asked for emergency contact numbers. They have also outlined what you can and cannot bring.  

- no large bags

- no glass containers

- no bottles with more than one liter of liquid

- no costumes

- no strollers

- no  props

Other races across the nation have also tightened up on security. Rock ‘n' Roll Marathon officials said they have increased law enforcement and made sure they have plenty of surveillance.

But Dr. Miller believes the Boston Marathon now has one of strictest safety plans in place.

"You have to pick up your own running number this year. Before that, anyone could pick up your number for you," said Dr. Miller. "It's very similar to the airport security after 9/11."

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