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Ports computer glitch causes headache for truck drivers

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Traffic on Georgia Highway 25 has been slow much of Wednesday because of a computer glitch at the Georgia Ports Authority.

The glitch caused major backups earlier in the day and then again this afternoon.

One truck driver said the traffic cost him close to $200 on Wednesday because he was sitting in the terrible traffic.

Twice today police had to reroute drivers and shut down roads due to a major traffic situation. Some truck drivers said it took them nearly three hours to travel less than five miles, and for most sitting in traffic means fewer rounds, and a significantly smaller paycheck today.

"It's frustrating to see, and you know everyone is hurting for money and everything with the way the economy is now," said truck driver Marty Jeffers. "They need to have some stuff straightened out. They need to help us out a little bit. We are here, we're working, we're trying to work. I've been here since six o'clock this morning, and that's not good. Not good at all."

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