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Editorial Salute - 4/17/14

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Former Army Sergeant Kyle White will be awarded the Medal of Honor on May 13th.  He becomes the 7th living military member to receive the nation's highest award for combat valor following war-time service in Iraq or Afghanistan.   And, as with all Medal of Honor recipients, Sergeant White's selfless-heroics were incredible. 

He was serving as an Infantry radio operator with a small unit of American and Afghan army troops dispatched to meet with village elders in a tense area.  Their concerns about village-collusion with the Taliban proved to be fatally-true, as the meeting broke up to gun fire and RPG's raining down on the Army team from the surrounding hill sides.   Badly out-numbered, amidst intense enemy fire, 20-year-old Sergeant White made repeated efforts to bring wounded comrades to safety, and treat them, clearing risking his own life with each attempt.  As he recalled, when interviewed by Military.com,  "I'd already known that we weren't gonna make it through this one.  It was just a matter of time before I'm dead.  So I figured, if that's gonna happen, I might as well help someone while I can."  While 6 members of the team were fatally wounded, despite his continued efforts to retrieve and aid them, he was able to save one soldier, with double tourniquets, then call-in ground attack aircraft, and get survivors medivac-ed out of that death-filled valley, all despite suffering two serious concussions from separate, close-by, RPG and mortar explosions. 

Airborne-trained at Fort Benning, former Army Sergeant Kyle White is a genuine American military hero, one readily-meeting the Medal of Honor standard of exceptional courage and valor, at the risk of his life, in the midst of combat.

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