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Retail Hiring Holiday Help

There's some good news and some bad news tonight when it comes to the latest federal unemployment numbers. The good news? We added more than 300,000 jobs last month. The bad news? The unemployment rate crept up to 5.5 percent.

More people are looking for work, and retailers are hiring, especially with the holidays fast approaching.

Bass Pro Shops at Savannah Mall is pretty busy on any given day. But come the holidays, things will really pick up. "The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year," noted the store's Carol Richter.

Every year, it is customary for the store to begin the hunt for additional employees. Typically, it's people looking to make some extra cash for the holidays. Then, once the holiday's over, so is the job.

"We'll probably add a dozen cashiers as seasonal and then another dozen in sales and recovery," said Richter.

Another place looking for seasonal help is Target. Managers there say they plan to hire 80 new employees for the holidays. "We're looking for sales, floor, backroom, stockers, a few cashier shifts," said Target's Kelly Blankenship.

All those positions are temporary as well. Most businesses base the pay on experience.

It's not just Bass Pro and Target hiring. Many other stores in Savannah Mall are doing the same. So, if making a few extra bucks is on your list of things to do, fill out an application soon.

Target alone gets hundreds of applications every week, and the same goes for Bass Pro. Managers at Target tell us they will accept applications for seasonal employment through November 16.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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