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Upside down billboard a gimmick, not an accident

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Billboards are meant to get your attention. Some upside down billboards are causing viewers to ask questions.

The billboard in question in located on Waters Avenue and Eisenhower Drive in Savannah, and it has people asking whether the Gun Show advertisement being upside down was an accident or on purpose.

The Gun Show advertisement, in bright yellow, would be hard to miss normally, even from a mile away. Throw in the fact that it's upside down and it's undeniably hard to miss.

Drivers who saw the sign took photos and posted them on Facebook.

When we went to see the billboard for ourselves, we caught up with Shellane Sameanino. When asked about the billboard, she said she thought it was weird, but maybe they put it there for a reason.

When Lamar Advertising was called, the receptionist knew exactly what the call was about and said it was a publicity stunt to create a buzz for the gun show and get people talking.

It turns out it's an old trick. The upside down billboard gimmick has been used for years by auto dealers, event organizers and even politicians.

Last year a Chicago mayoral candidate tried the upside down billboard routine to grab some attention.

Sameanino was right, the upside down billboard was not a mistake.

"I think it's their way of letting people see what they are selling," she said.

The Gun Show's Larry Steverson saw our Facebook post about his sign and called. He said the sign went up, upside down, on Monday.

He siad it was the first time he's tried it, and the response has been incredible.

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