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Heavy rain and flooding closes several downtown Savannah streets


It looks like Easter weekend may be a washout this year.

Heavy rain has brought flooding to some of Savannah's streets on Friday night.

On rainy nights Waters Street seems aptly named. The road is still closed hours after the worst of the rain stopped falling, but the barricades were knocked down and people were driving right over them and down a road full of water up to the ankle.

It's a constant source of frustration for people who live in the area.

Beverly Kemp's yard looks more like a pond, and the street seems more like a stream.

She said she has watched people drive through the barricade all night long, then back up into the busy intersection.

She's been expecting any minute to hear the squeal and crunch of a wreck outside the door.

"They see this light is green, and they go for the gold," Kemp said. "It's terrible, and I don't know what the city's gonna do about this drainage, but I called them during the summer and they came out and did something, but obviously it's not enough."

The intersection of 55th and Live Oak streets are also closed, and the intersection of Henry Street and Atlantic Avenue is still troublesome, but it has reopened after briefly being closed.

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