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Hometown Hero--Judy Freeman

Judy Freeman Judy Freeman

Judy Freeman, the director of volunteer services at Saint Joseph's/Candler is a cut above, and it's confirmed, after recent recognition as the best in the state. St. Joseph's/Candler is a very large healthcare system that employs thousands of workers. Alongside those who are paid, there are 250 volunteers. Volunteers are the first people you make contact with when you walk in the door, giving directions or information.

"It would be really sad not to have someone up there," said Freeman. "When you get on the floor, it's the same thing. They are the ones that have the time, a lot of time to stop and speak to the people and answer questions. We deliver mail...no flowers would get delivered."

Freeman started working at Candler Hospital in 1983. She became director of volunteer services in 1990. It's her job to keep the volunteers happy and motivated.

"Candler Auxiliary is a rather large group of ladies, and each of us have our own temperaments and personalities and Judy has to adjust to all of us," said Mary Kelly with the auxiliary. "But she is a wonderful person to work for and to be around."

So far this year, the volunteers have put in enough hours to equal more than $350,000. The Candler Auxiliary is also involved in fundraising to support many of its volunteer projects.

"I see what the volunteers do within the hospital and I know that if you pull them out, what void would be there," said Freeman. "So it's great to be able to get the support of these people and get them to enjoy the giving back of some of themselves to the community, and it's just a pleasure to watch this."

Last month, Freeman was recognized as the top volunteer director in the state. This week, we recognize her as our Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com


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