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Your Week in Viral Videos: Dyed eggs and dead technology

This fox made its way onto the White House grounds and has been causing all sorts of mischief. (Source: WSJDigitalNetwork/YouTube) This fox made its way onto the White House grounds and has been causing all sorts of mischief. (Source: WSJDigitalNetwork/YouTube)

(RNN) – Easter is Sunday, and you’ve probably dyed a few eggs or know someone who has.

Make sure you remember where you hid them, because you don’t want to come across them in July and have an unfortunate smell to deal with.

Eggs will get their annual day in the sun Monday at the White House Easter Egg Roll, which is being protested by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA doesn’t have a problem with rolling eggs, but it does have a problem with those eggs coming from chickens, so, it enlisted three cute little girls to scold first lady Michelle Obama for not using re-usable plastic eggs.

Nevertheless, the Christian tradition of dyeing eggs dates backs to Mesopotamia, at least according to this video. Don’t be fooled by the first two minutes having nothing to do with eggs, because there’s a terrible segue coming. Before learning about eggs, you can learn about cheese, wigs and sideburns.

A tradition unlike any other

The Masters wrapped up last week with a Bubba Watson getting his second green jacket. Bubba has an advantage on the course because of his long drives, but what if Augusta National was a putt-putt course?

The greens at Augusta are hard enough without having to hit through pipes, a 360-degree loop, over the Golden Gate Bridge and through a windmill. You would think the ground crew at such a revered golf course would be able to clear the holes of gophers – especially when Tiger Woods is putting – but you’d be wrong.

The ‘invention of music’

Rewinding and fast forwarding through songs without knowing where you are on your cassette tape is … wait … cassette tape?

That’s right, a cassette tape. Remember those? They had an actual tape in them that could come unwound and break, and you never knew where you were on the tape unless you stopped and played it. Now, you just hit the skip button and go about your day.

Of course kids don’t know this, so when you hand them a Sony Walkman and ask them what it does, they have no idea. However, their guesses have garnered 6.6 million views in less than a week.

They finish each other’s sandwiches

Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby play baseball for Navy, but that isn’t what you’ll remember them for. They also happen to be pretty good at lip synching. The team is 18-22, so they might even be better at it than they are at baseball.

It’s pretty obvious they’re pretty familiar with Frozen, because they know the words and character interplay to Love is an Open Door perfectly. The only thing missing is the dancing, which they can’t really do because they’re in a car.

Animal of the week

There’s a fox at the White House, and it’s not a TV news reporter (ZING!).

No, it’s an actual fox. A red fox, to be exact. Not a Redd Foxx, though. He joined Elizabeth in 1991.

How the fox got into the White House grounds, no one seems to know. What they further don’t know is how to get it out. Traps have been set for months and the fox has avoided them. What it hasn’t avoided, though, is the first lady’s garden.

The Secret Service has had to respond to security alarms going off because of the furry intruder, and it’s even been seen along the colonnade near the Oval Office by President Barack Obama himself.

The fox first showed up last fall during the government shutdown, so it’s probably not a Republican (ZING!). It doesn’t have a name, but Fred sounds like a good option.

This is the best thing to happen at the White House since they started brewing beer there. Thanks, Obama.

More stuff for when you’re bored

For more than a month, the El Paso Chihuahuas have had a deaf pitcher on their roster. It’s an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles. It’s also fake. However, the team led one of its players to believe it was true, and despite evidence to the contrary, he believed it. It’s an amazing con, and the team produced a great video to reveal the prank.

Here’s some bonus baseball coverage. Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado hit the cover off the ball. Literally. It happened Friday night, less than a week after White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu loosened a few stitches on one.

Social media marketers are all about creating viral content, and there are two ways to do that. The first is to do something good, entertaining, funny and surprising. The second is to be absolutely awful and not know it. God bless the second option. Just so you know, “the gram” is not a thing.

Don’t stand so close to train tracks that a guy on a passing train can kick you in the head. However, if you do, you deserve it.

Vine videos are annoying – unless they’re of a llama dancing to DMX.

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