Editorial - 04/21/14

WTOC Editorial - 04/21/14

Through testimony and emails, we now know that, either on the rogue authority of its former division chief, if not from higher up, prior to the 2012 election cycle, the IRS stone-walled tax-exempt-status applications from conservative groups, effectively and purposely hampering financial-support for conservative candidates and issues. Not only withholding tax-exempt status, but as emails now reveal, even conferring with the Justice Department about potentially prosecuting some applicants.  Executive branch departments turned political-manipulators, rather than the impartial and fair tax-payer-funded units intended.  A huge problem for the freedom-minded, and one Congress seems unwilling to meaningfully-challenge, when it's their own vested-power that's being usurped.

We have an attorney-general who thinks gun-owners should be required to wear tracking bracelets.  The cram-down goal of diminishing our best-in-the-world healthcare system.  A Fed official spouting that "globalization has spread some of America's bad habits."  Not America first, but America worst.  And the bogus claims of voter-suppression from photo ID's, despite being deemed-constitutional, required in over 30 states, and the Census Bureau reporting a 2012 Black-American voting-percentage higher than whites.

With the goal of political-hold and citizen-control, we're witnessing an  unprecedented abuse of power and domestic militarization. Ignoring  America's rich tradition of individual liberty, we have an out-of-control, purposely-intrusive government, seemingly content to trample on the Constitution's separation of powers, the rule of law, and personal freedoms, while Congress is snoring, rather than shouting, allowing a politically self-motivated executive branch to run rough-shod over them, and us.