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New scam has callers posing as escrow company

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The Georgia Office of Consumer Protection has just announced a new phone scam.

They are warning consumers about a timeshare resale scam where scammers trick people by saying they represent Georgia Escrow Services, INC. The scammers have also set up a fake website.

Consumers who own vacation timeshares in Mexico receive a phone call from someone allegedly working for a travel company. The caller tells the consumer that there is a buyer interested in purchasing the consumer's timeshare property.

The caller then explains that Georgia Escrow Services, INC. will act as the escrow agent.

While the timeshare sale is supposedly pending, the company posing as Georgia Escrow adds previously undisclosed fees and/or tazed, which consumers pay upfront via wire transfer.

Consumers are told these fees include a mandatory tax imposed by the Mexican government, however research has revealed that the Mexican government does not require this tax.

In addition, the company collects other fees from the sellers until the sales eventually fall through. The consumers are then unable to recuperate their money. One consumer lost over $100,000 in this scam.

If you feel like you've been a victim of this scam, please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.  

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