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City still has not responded to firefighters' lawsuit

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The class action lawsuit of some 50 Savannah Fire captains against the city continues.

The lawyer representing the firefighters is taking the next step toward litigation over pay issues.

The city has not responded to the lawsuit, but they still have eight days to file a response. The lawsuit was filed on March 31.

According to City Attorney Brooks Stillwell, Hunter Maclean is now handling the case for the city, but it's the lack of any dialogue which has the fire captains and their lawyer eager to move forward.

The attorney for the fire captains, John Hafemann, said they had hoped the lawsuit would be the catalyst to get the city to talk about the pay discrepancies at issue. At the end of March the lawsuit was filed alleging some captains were paid far less than newer captains, and the city was not following its own human resources policies.

Hafemann is filing for the discovery phase to being as the city, he said, has yet to show any sign wanting to talk this over.

"The city has yet to respond to me," said Hafemann. "This is not a litigious group of individuals. They did not become firefighters to get rich, but they do deserve to get paid, and they deserve to get paid in accord with Savannah's own human resources policies."

The fire captains said if they have to go to court then they will, but they would prefer not to.  

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