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Smoke shop in favor of proposed E-Cigarette regulations

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Sweeping changes could be on the way for the electronic cigarette industry.

The federal drug administration wants to ban sales of e-cigarettes to minors.

The new regulations, proposed Friday, would also call for federal approval of new products and health warning labels.

Right now, they are not required to have health warning labels or ingredient labels on packaging.

E-cigarettes do have nicotine in them, but levels vary and there is not an age requirement for purchases.

It is up for debate whether the cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco, but one Savannah smoke shop owner said regulations should already have been in affect.

E-cigarettes are becoming big business for smoke shops across the country, but it's causing some concerns for parents.

With fruity flavors and no regulation, they are also getting in the hands of children

"They do have a lot of fruit flavors and different type of flavors," said Robert Ali.

The FDA is proposing new rules for electronic cigarettes that could keep them out of the hands of children.

"I think they should," said Ali. "I know this store here doesn't sell to minors. Just like the tobacco companies, they should have regulations for things people ingest."

Christopher Daye is the co-owner of Vapor's Smoke Shop in Savannah. He is for the proposal that bans the sale of the nicotine delivery device to anyone under the age of 18.

"As soon as we brought the product into the store, we banned it from being sold to minors," said Daye. "We heard other stores were selling to minors. It baffled me. It should have been against the law from day one."

Federal law prohibits the sale of tobacco cigarettes to anyone under 18, but there is no such restriction for E-cigarettes.

Despite there not being a law saying he can't, Daye chooses not to sell to minors.

"We are 100 percent anti-sales of minors 18 or older. We require ID every time it's not something we feel should slide. We agree with the law," said Daye. "It is a way of changing off of a cigarette without the proper knowledge and use it can be just as dangerous because it still has nicotine in there. So you have to have the mental capability to know your limits."

The bill also requires manufacturers to report ingredients and get federal approval.

The agency hasn't provided a timetable for when these new rules would take effect.

Advocates say e-cigarettes can be a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, but the FDA says it's too soon to tell.

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