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Bluffton mailbox gets vandalized for the third time

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It's a federal offense to vandalize a mailbox but for the third time, someone has vandalized a Bluffton mailbox.

The latest explosion knocked off not one, but two, mailboxes and the next door neighbor said enough is enough.

One of the mailboxes belongs to Seth Clossman and his family.

Even though they've been able to put their mailbox back together, there's still a big dent from the explosion, and the mail flag is missing.

What's even stranger is that the vandalism seems to happen around school holidays.

The Woodbridge community is known for being a quiet, family friendly place to live.

That was the main reason Seth Clossman moved here almost three years ago with his family, up until the vandalism started happening next door.

"I don't want to move away because of this, because it's a great community but this has got to stop," he said.

Clossman said he came home this past weekend and saw his mailbox in pieces.

"The top of the post had been blown off and had completely fallen apart, it was on the ground," he added.

Earlier that week, he said he found his neighbor's water hose had holes punched throughout it with the intent of flooding their yard. But it almost flooded his instead.

Many believe it's a group of teenagers who are responsible for the vandalism, which always seems to happen around school holidays.

"It's been Martin Luther King Day, it's been July 4thof last year and right around Christmas they were vandalizing the neighbor's yard with other people's Christmas decorations that they'd stolen," said Clossman.

He added that this is the sixth act of vandalism, which costs them time, money and peace of mind.

Neighbor Ed Houston said, "these aren't just like little firecrackers, these are explosions ... and what does it take for somebody to be near and ... get hurt ... seriously hurt?!"

Clossman filed a report with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office. He and other neighbors are planning to install surveillance cameras around their property in hopes of stopping this.

The US Postal Service recommends reporting any mailbox vandalism to law enforcement and your nearest postal inspector.

Violators can face up to $250,000 in fines and possibly up to three years in prison.

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