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Administrator investigation creates divided county

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Parents in McIntosh County are worried about their students' safety. They say the recent investigations involving three administrators is creating a divided county.

Some people are siding with the superintendent, assistant superintendent and McIntosh County Academy principal who are all charged with failing to report child abuse.

Others still want to see those administrators suspended. Some parents believe people may take this to a new level by turning to violence.

This comes after the school board refused to suspend all three administrators twice.  Parents decided they would keep their students home Friday, boycotting classes.

Some said the reason is so the Board of Education will lose money when students are absent, while others are worried something might actually happen at school.

"I wasn't willing to take the chance," said grandparent Dottie Williamson. 

Dottie Williamson said she kept her 13-year-old granddaughter home from middle school on Friday because she is fed up with how the McIntosh County School Board is handling the investigation.

"I don't know why the rest of the school board was not willing to second the motion," said Williamson.

Williamson said she was shocked when Superintendent Tina Kirby, Assistant Superintendent Larry Day and McIntosh Academy Principal Terrance Haywood were allowed to keep their jobs.

A motion to suspend them died on the floor twice.

This decision has created a lot of animosity and a divided county.

"There is a lot of unrest in the county right now. There is a lot of very outraged and angered parents," said Williamson.

She said she fears someone may just take their rage out at one of the schools.

"My granddaughter asked me if I thought there would be a shooting at the school," said Williamson. 

She said no threats have been made at any of the schools, but she's worried someone might take matters into their own hands.

"We may not like the tag, but we are rednecks in this county, and they handle things when they are not handled," said Williamson. 

She said that's why she kept her granddaughter home from school on Friday and why she may be pulling her out of the school system altogether.

"I'm seriously considering moving to Richmond Hill, where my son lives, and I'll put her in school there," said Williamson.

Williamson said in the meantime, her granddaughter will no longer be riding the bus.

She will take her to and from school for the rest of the school year to try to make sure she is as safe as possible.

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