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Community mourns Malcom Mitchell, asks for justice

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A community is trying to heal after a weekend of violence.

Two shootings within two blocks of one another on Waters Avenue, with the second happening in broad daylight on Easter Sunday and claiming the life of 21-year-old Malcom Mitchell.

Police are still trying to find his killer as his friends and family mourned him at a candlelight vigil on Friday night.

People who live in the neighborhood and the police investigating the shootings want the same thing: the violence to stop.

Officers said to do that, they need the community's trust and their help.
The community's message to the police was a simple one: that trust must be earned, and the violence must stop.

Grief and anger were raw at Friday night's vigil. A fight broke out amongst the mourners, but a friend of Mitchell's, a woman named Tomorrow, had a message.

"I believe that Martin Luther King, all these civil rights leaders, they died so we could be as one," said Tomorrow Baker. "And we're so divided and striving amongst each other."

The violence, she said, has to end.

"I knew him from a little boy, from a little kid," said Baker. "And I don't know him from what the streets made him. RIP shirts is a way of life, and it shouldn't be like that."

Mitchell leaves behind a newborn son, less than one month old.

"We're losing out young me," Baker said. "We are losing our fathers, and these kids are growing up. And it's going to repeat itself because these kids are growing up with single mothers, and they are going to get in the streets."

These mourners want justice, and so do police.

On Friday they made a public appeal to the community to help them.

"We won't share your information with anyone, but give us a point to start at," said Maj. Larry Branson. "Give us a direction to go in.

But Baker said, "You can't really trust the police."

She said these people fear police won't protect their anonymity.

"They're just people with badges, you know? They're not perfect either," said Baker.

Officers say if you don't feel comfortable turning to them, turn to Crimestoppers. Tips to Crimestoppers are completely confidential.

"We will not rest until we bring justice to this community," said Branson. "We can do that with the community's help."

Right now Baker is trying to rally local rappers to stop rhyming about crime and start spreading a message of non-violence.

"Don't just look at the fame," she said. "Look at the young kids growing up, seeing this. It's really becoming a generational curse."

According to the police report, Mitchell was found laying in a fetal position beside a manhole cover on Easter Sunday.

Police said he tried to speak to them, but couldn't.

If you know anything at all about what happened to Mitchell, please call Crimestoppers at 912.234.2020.

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