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SC group hands out gun locks to help prevent accidental shootings

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In a tragic accident nearly two weeks ago, 7-year-old Juliet Lynch was shot and killed by another child at a birthday party in Lexington County.

On Saturday, Jack Logan went door-to-door. He's not a salesman, he's giving out gun locks for free in a neighborhood that needs them.

"Well, when I heard about her, I thought she was a precious little girl when I saw her picture," said Logan with Put Down the Guns Young People.

Juliet's mother, Priscilla Salley said it's hard to lose your child.

"I just want everybody to remember my daughter, and I think she would want that, because she's amazing," Salley said. "She was the greatest."

Authorities said a 5-year-old was getting a toy gun from the trunk of a car but accidentally grabbed and fired a real one.

The bullet pierced the car and fragments killed Juliet and injured another child.

"We've been very surprised about the younger guys who are very pleased to get the gun locks, and they're response to use, the ones who we may think they have a gun that's not registered or illegal, they'll say, 'That's what's up,' when we give them our line about protecting a child," Logan said.

Logan said he's not anti-Second Amendment. His goal is safety, especially around kids so another tragedy won't happen again.

"I hate to see a father or a mother going to a mortuary looking down on their son or daughter," Logan said.

Many law enforcement agencies give out free gun locks too.

But Logan said some of the people he talks to are too afraid to get them from officers.

Logan said he's given out more than 5,000 gun locks throughout the state since 2010.

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