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Editorial - 04/28/14

This will be my final editorial, as, after almost 29-years, I step into retirement from WTOC on Friday.  That said, permit me some parting thoughts.  Our nation is being run off its rails by divisive, power-lust, paint-by-numbers leadership, wreaking havoc on our financial stability, the health, well-being, and freedom of our citizens, and our influence among nations.  Long ago, President Lincoln spoke to this fatal-erosion of liberty, when he warned that (quote): "America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." We're now struggling through that historic prediction.   

Said a columnist recently; "The most dangerous Americans aren't armed, they're uninformed voters."  To that end,  we must get our heads out of our collective butts, and vote into federal-office, men and women who favor less government, less intrusion into our lives, are pro-business,  pro-air-tight national security, strongly-support an invincible military-defense capability, and, most of all, are pro-America, boldly standing up for, not tearing down, our great nation. Smarten up, folks.  We need a sea-change in national direction and leadership.  It begins in November.  That responsibility rests with you.  Stay aware, alert and involved.  The enemies of our nation, foreign and domestic, feed on our complacency.  

May we, then, leave, to our children and grandchildren, a nation steeped in personal freedom and opportunity, not one consumed by regulatory-control, and politics above all. To those of you who genuinely care about our future, our individual liberty and what's truly best for our country, thank you. And thank you to those who understand that the earthly-preservation of our free nation is due solely to courageous Americans serving within a magnificent military force, one that must remain dominant.  And now with heartfelt thanks for our many years together, may the grace of God Almighty continue to bless you, your family, and hasten the return of our traditional America, re-igniting the historic strength, devotion, and character that, together, have made us the most exceptional nation on earth.


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