Truck drivers rally over classification

Truck drivers rally over classification

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Truck drivers across the country are uniting for better pay and benefits, and in Savannah, drivers gathered to rally near their daily route at the Georgia Ports Garden City Terminal.

The drivers want to be classified as employees instead of independent contractors.

The rally is part of a nationwide movement after truckers in California are on strike.

More than 100 truck drivers gathered outside the ports gate, saying they are unjustly misclassified. Despite having the same responsibilities as employees, they do not have the same benefits, like worker's compensation, unemployment benefits, health insurance and the right to negotiate better pay.

Many said after their monthly expenses for their trucks, including fuel, insurance and maintenance, they are barely making minimum wage.

"It's challenging," said truck driver Lewis Grant. "It's very, very challenging. In an industry that makes over $15-20 billion dollars a year, I feel like there should be more financial stability for us truck drivers."

"We are basically at the bottom of the pole," said truck driver Gerald Spaulding. "And it shouldn't be. We work hard like the rest of these fellows, and everyone else in the offices."

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