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Beaufort businesses and tourists affected by bad weather

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The weather in the Lowcountry has been hit or miss on Wednesday, with only minimal flooding and damage in areas like Beaufort.

But when it comes to Mother Nature, there's only so much a person can plan for as a business owner.

This is a big time of the year for tour buses to come through Beaufort, and many businesses schedule their staffs based on them.

Some tour buses aren't even stopping in Beaufort if it rains too hard, and that creates a domino effect.

Sea Island Carriage Tour owner Walter Gay said he had one bus cancel its carriage tours today because of the heavy rain, costing him at least $1,000.

"If affects everybody, but you know, it's just part of their job," said Gay. "Restaurants lose downtown, that lose business. Gifts shops lose business. I've got a gift shop here on Bay Street, and when it's raining, this morning, our business … we haven't done anything … it drops to nothing."

Another carriage tour company closed its doors for the day because of the storms.

It was not the best day to sightsee in Beaufort.

But when the tourists arrive, the show must go on.

Earlier, you couldn't really walk along the waterfront without getting soaked.

Some people were still able to enjoy themselves even though they missed out on the best parts of Beaufort.

You didn't many locals or tourists walking along Bay Street Wednesday morning.

While many came prepared, others weren't so lucky but they still maintained a sense of humor.

"This umbrella and all the wind you've got here just tore my umbrella apart…I'm out here on the street trying to take up donations for another umbrella," said tourist Gary Moore.  

The rain cancelled a carriage tour for Moore and his group.

So now they're trying to visit some of the local shops.

"It was raining sideways, it's a really pretty little town…we're just not going to get to see much of it," added Moore.  

Other tourists tried to stay indoors but that didn't work too well either.

Barbara Hennig said "we went to Parris Island first and we were escorted out of the museum because all the lights went out. They lost power and we luckily had seen about a half hour's worth, other tours didn't make it!"

The Hennigs asked their tour bus to leave earlier simply because they have nothing to do.

"Three hours of walking out in the rain is not my idea of fun," added Barbara.

Business owners say they're at the mercy of mother nature when it comes to days like this.

"A lot of people come to visit, they have one day, just 3-4 hours on a bus and if they don't see it then, they don't get a chance to see it," said Walter Gay, Owner of Sea Island Carriage Tours.

Emergency officials are continuing to monitor the conditions but so far, Beaufort, Jasper and Hampton County have had little damage from the weather.

For businesses, they're looking forward to seeing sunny skies soon.

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