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Editorial Salute - 5/1/14

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Richard Jibson has been awarded the Navy Cross, the second highest Marine Corps honor for actions of bravery in combat.  Reports military.com, from Gunny Jibson's award citation, several times he (quote) "bravely left his covered positions and crossed open terrain, under withering small-arms and machine-gun fire, to provide suppressive fire, inspiring his comrades, while directing the fire and maneuver of the entire coalition force."   This instance of exceptional courage occurred on his fourth combat deployment.  Drawing on his training, Jibson said:  "When you get thrown into the hot-seat… perform, perform."  Words of wisdom, readily applyed to both military and civilian careers.  Our salute and congratulations to Gunnery-Sergeant Richard Jibson for his bravery under fire, undoubtedly saving lives among his fellow Marines.

Courageous acts like this should remind us that it's imperative, not optional, imperative that all Americans continue to celebrate, and fully support the needs and well-being, of the brave men and women of our five military branches.  Remembering, with thankfulness, those who have served, presently do, and all those who will step-forward, answering the nation's call to service, in the months and years ahead.  It is so very important, in this ever-more uncertain and dangerous world, that Congress embrace that reality, not the rainbow-lensed fantasy, the reality, for today and tomorrow,  of fully-funding our military, its personnel, equipment, training, and over-all reach and capability, so that America's fierce, but uniquely-compassionate warriors, will continually remain the recognized and respected dominant- defenders, the fighting-force required to insure our safety, security, and freedom, in sum, our very future as an independent nation, so that we may ever shine brightly as the world's most-enduring beacon of liberty.

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