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Picture leads to gator goose chase in Richmond Hill

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The search for a large alligator in a Richmond Hill neighborhood had some neighbors worried and had others calling for proof.

As it turns out, the picture of the alligator the homeowners association sent out to residents may not have been take in Richmond Hill, but it certainly put the neighborhood on edge for a day.

"It's very concerning in this tight neighborhood," said Kriss Bigbie.

Bigbie couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the picture warning of a gator sighting in the neighborhood.

"If anyone has seen that picture, that is a big alligator you know, to be in this tiny neighborhood," she said.

The email said they had received the picture of the gator on Mingarry Road, which is concerning to neighbors like Shirley Rowe.

"The fact that two houses down is the bus, where small children walk home every day," said Rowe.

According to alligator trapper Jack Douglas, he was called by both DNR and Animal Control about two separate sightings on the street, the first by a UPS worker and the second by a jogger.

"That gator was huge to be here," said Bigbie. "That gator was something you'd see in South Florida."

The photo wasn't taken in South Florida either. According to a man who got in touch with us on Facebook, he said he took the photo on Wednesday in Beaufort County.

It looks like this may have been a big gator goose chanse, but the homeowners association said safety is always a first concern, and when they got the picture, they wanted to make sure the residents were aware of the potential dangers.  

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