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Pipe bombs discovered in Lincoln Co. neighborhood, federal agents investigating


An overnight explosion in Lincoln County led to the discovery of three pipe bombs in Iron Station overnight Monday.

The call for an explosion came in at 12:45 in a residential area off of Highway 73 on the 5900 block of Dalmatian Street, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

An explosion and small fire in the yard of a home was reported.

Deputies arrived on the scene and discovered one unexploded device near the road.

"It's a very serious incident that has occurred," Sheriff David Carpenter told WBTV. "It's one that rarely ever happens in our area. In my 30 years, it's happened before but it's nothing that we will take lightly."

The Gaston County Police Bomb Squad and detectives were called in and detonated the remaining device, according to the news release.

The device was described as being a foot-long piece of PVC pipe attached to a small container of propane.

Agents with the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms arrived on the scene about 4 a.m. and are investigating.

No one was injured and only a small fire occurred in the yard of the home.

Neighbors tell WBTV they will be on high alert until the suspects are captured.

"I will continue to be vigilant in our neighborhood," said David Carpenter. "And I always keep my eyes out for strange cars that don't belong and things like that but you can only do so much."

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.

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