Cancer Support Group

Just about every month of the calendar represents a time when experts try to bring awareness to a certain type of cancer, focusing on prevention and treatments. For those already diagnosed with cancer and their families support is a key part of their treatment and recovery. If you or someone in your family is dealing with cancer members of one cancer support group in Savannah want you to know it's not something you have to go through alone.

Some members of this cancer support group are new but they won't be strangers here for long, "Now you have a new family", and other members are literally family. "This is my husband's aunt and she invited me. The first thing I thought, I can handle this by myself," says Debra a cancer survivor since 1999. But everyone in the room, either a cancer patient or a family member, says to the contrary, cancer is not something you should have to deal with by yourself. "The unknown is what's scary. Talking to people who have been through what you're facing or what you'll be going through is very important," says Lee. Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and she and her husband have been faithful members of this St. Joseph's/Candler cancer support group. "Since the day after diagnosis."

The group meets every Wednesday from 11 to 12 and Wanda Jones, an Oncology Nurse Navigator, guides the group by getting them to ask questions and talk about what's on their minds. "Wanda is available and if she doesn't know she'll find out." As cancer survivors there is much they have to share and they hope more people facing cancer will turn to them for support. "If you have a positive attitude you'll get along better and I think the support group can give you that," says Lee.

When St. Joseph's/Candler began planning for it's new Cancer Care and Research Pavilion due for completion in the summer of 2005 they turned to this group for their suggestions on cancer care.

People who want more information about or to join the St. Joseph's/Candler cancer support group can call: 819-6449.