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Drawing digital boundaries

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Doesn't it seem as if every child we see knows can work tablets and smartphones. They can work circles around us. Even babies who can barely walk can turn them on and do more than most of us. Before little Claire Bachinger turned a year old, she was fascinated by her parents' phones and tablets. Now that she's two, she knows how to find her educational games and loves to sing along to her favorite songs. Her mom is amazed at how much she has learned from playing around on the tablet. "I think by far it is helped with her identifying her alphabet as well as knowing her shapes and colors. I remember we were having dinner and she was about a year and a half and we were having tortillas and she said triangle. She learned that by playing with the games that taught her what a triangle looked like," explained Claire's mom, Jennifer.  

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Coming up tonight on The News at 5 and 6, I'll have two very important stories for you. I'll be talking to the experts about the proper way to monitor your children when they use electronics and sharing some of the hidden dangers they could impact your children if they are allowed to use electronics without any restrictions.  

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