Students Send Supplies to Afghanistan

Your kids probably have what they need to get by, and then some. But in war-torn Afghanistan, most kids have almost nothing. So students here at home are reaching out to help. Students from Calvary Baptist Day School decided to pitch in, gathering all kinds of school supplies to help more than 2,000 children in Afghanistan.

Box, by box, students are collecting items for what they call a very worthy cause. "I don't think they have the things that they need for school and we're sending them some clothes also for winter," said fifth grader Sharon Mitchell.

For the past year, these students have been learning about a county which made its way into the classroom back when the war on terrorism began more than two years ago. Since then, they've become all too familiar with the kind of devastation a war can bring.

"I've heard a lot about it," fifth grader Shiv Patel. "It's pretty sad how people died, but hopefully this can help them."

Some of these students have had their own parents deploy and know exactly what it feels like to be without them. This small effort to bring other children much-needed supplies is their way of saying they understand. "During the war they lost a lot and some don't even have parents so I think they could use it," said Logan Heck, 11.

These fifth graders are getting boxes packed and ready to be shipped out so they can arrive in Afghanistan by next week. "I think it's good because we're letting them have some of what we have all the time and they don't have it," said Daniel Grantham, 10.

To just be able to help others, these students say they've learned a lot about giving.

The supplies will be flown to Afghanistan by the 131st Aviation Regiment out of Hunter Army Airfield and should arrive by the end of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, which ends next Saturday.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,