Governor Issues Directives in Inmate Labor Case

The governor's investigation into Sheriff Mike Kile has ended. Accepting a committee's recommendation, Gov. Sonny Perdue will leave the Screven County sheriff in office and impose no penalties.

In September, we told you how former inmates accused Kile of illegally using them to work at nonprofit facilities and private property. The governor's committee recommended that Kile stop using inmates as a private workforce and said the governor should reprimand the sheriff.

WTOC has learned that the governor's office has issued directives simply instructing Sheriff Kile to stop the practices in question.

"Our job is to make people better, not to punish them, not to make life miserable for them out here," Sheriff Kile said. "If we can turn them out a better person when they leave here, we've done our job."

An investigation by the GBI is still pending.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,