Long Distance Delivery for Hilton Head's "Cookie Lady"

She's baked more than 57,000 cookies in the last 14 years, and sends them all to American troops overseas.

Jeanette "the Cookie Lady" Cram, Hilton Head's busiest baker, has already gotten enough thanks to fill several entire scrapbooks.

Reading one of her notes, she says, "This one's dated October 20th...he's a Lance Corporal and his name is Jerry. He says 'Dear Jeanette, thanks for the package. We really don't get any mail out here on a regular basis, so thank you.'"

This weekend will be special for The Cookie Lady, though.

She and her husband are being flown up to New York for a special reception with other people from around the country who've gone out of their way to help deployed troops, along with 100 wounded soldiers.

"I'm going to get to hug them," she says, "And talk to them and take some of them to lunch. That's going to be a good thing."

The celebration's being thrown by "Support Our Soldiers America," a non profit group. Of course Jeanette wanted to bring cookies along with her, but she broke her leg this weekend, and had to employ a little help from her husband.

The amazing thing is he's never even been able to enjoy the cookies. Not a single one.

"Zero," laments Jack Cram, "Those are for the troops. I'm never allowed to eat those."

If you'd like to send your own cookies to troops overseas, or would like to help the Cookie Lady with her cause, log on to www.treatthetroops.org.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com