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Large trucks now banned from Old Town Bluffton


In the Lowcountry, dump trucks and semi-trucks are now banned from Old Town Bluffton after residents complained about too many big trucks.

The Town Council officially passed the ban last week, and they're waiting for the Dept. of Transportation to install new road signs. The bad news, at least for some, is the ban doesn't quite cover all of Old Town Bluffton.

For many who live and work in Old Town, they see it all day: dump trucks and semi-trailers.

"We actually counted dump trucks the other day," said Shear Style owner Terry Bell. "In an hour and a half there were 105 dump trucks passed this road, whether it was repeated dump trucks or just individual ones."

The ban says dump trucks, semi-trucks or any other big truck that doesn't have business in Old Town is not allowed to drive on Bridge Street, Bruin Road, May River Road, Calhoun Street or Bluffton Road.

The trucks must use Buckwalter Parkway, Bluffton Parkway, 278 or 170. Only trucks making deliveries in Old Town will be allowed to drive through.

It's bittersweet news for Bell. She's glad the town has banned them from driving in Old Town, but the trucks can still drive down Burnt Church Road, which doesn't help her or her business.

"We locals are trying to beautify Bluffton," said Bell. "Keep it historic, scenic and it's kind of hard to establish the aesthetics of what we're going after with these dump trucks barreling up and down the road, and the speed limit on Burnt Church is 35 [miles per hour] and I know for sure that they're doing well over 50 [miles per hour]."

Bell has put together a petition with signatures from other business owners and home owners on Burnt Church Road in hopes that they can get council to expand that ban to include Burnt Church Road.

"They have no reason to go down these back roads unless they're going to a designated spot," said Bell.

Bell has collected over 50 signatures so far.

The ban will begin as soon as DOT installs new street signs, but that could take a few weeks.

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