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Cleanup begins after massive fire in Pooler


A massive fire at a warehouse in Pooler engulfed nearly a dozen trailers after a propane tank caught fire.

While the fire is now out, the cleanup has just begun.

Firefighters have been working tirelessly to make certain the fire is completely out. The fire caused massive damage, melting down trailers to virtually nothing.

The fire started when an employee was filling a propane tank for a forklift around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday. Firefighters worked all afternoon and night to prevent other tanks from igniting, dumping water on them all day.

Firefighters were burning off the gas and putting out hotspots on Wednesday night. Most of the trailers were empty, but some were filled with plastic lawn furniture.

The warehouse, and the one adjoining it, was full of employees when the fire broke out, but luckily the only injury was minor. The employee filling the propane tank sustained burns on his arms.

"Flames were coming over the fence, so they had to be like, 10 feet in the air," said Dave Deeter, who runs the business next door. "It just sounded like my days in the artillery, you know, boom boom boom.

The environmental impact of this fire is the biggest concern. Because some of the trailers were full of plastic, cleanup crews are putting out a boom, making sure none of the chemicals seeps into a canal near the accident site.

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