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Truck hits woman and baby

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A truck hit a woman and child as they were crossing the street in Savannah, and they are so thankful it wasn't much worse.

It happened late on Wednesday morning at the intersection of Broughton Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Police said the woman was in the crosswalk, pushing the baby in a stroller. 

WTOC sat down with the woman, who said the driver did not even apologize after it happened.

"He didn't even get out of the car until the other pedestrians urged him to get out of the car," said Carltiuana Bacon. "Nobody even came to the hospital to see if we were ok."

Bacon says she and her niece are lucky to be alive. They were walking across the street on their way to CVS when they were struck by a red truck.

"I just can't, for the life of me, understand how he hit me," said Bacon.

Bacon said she was crossing at Broughton Street, when all of a sudden, a red truck was turning left. He slammed into her and her niece and pushed them nearly the entire length of the truck.

"If you look, there are not even skid marks in the street," said grandmother Nikki Parrish.

 "I just realized that he wasn't going to stop so I just tried my best to push my niece out of the way so that way she wouldn't get the whole impact of the hit," said Bacon.

She says the stroller is now mangled and twisted, but she said it saved her 18-month-old niece because the baby got caught underneath the truck.

"I was scared more so for my niece than anything," said Bacon.  

According the police report, the driver was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian, but family members believe the driver should face criminal charges.

"Not only did you hit them, but you dragged them four feet," said Parrish.  

Bacon and her niece were pretty beat up with scrapes and bruises, but they are expected to make a full recovery.

WTOC reached out to the driver, who said he is very sorry for what happened. He said he didn't see them crossing the street.

Police are still investigating. No word yet if the driver will face criminal charges.

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