New Indictment Returned in Fort Stewart Murder Case

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are new details tonight about the murder of Fort Stewart soldier Specialist John Eubank. His wife and brother-in- law, already charged with the murder, now face even more charges in a second superseding indictment.

It reveals even more details about the murder and that the couple was having significant financial troubles. It also outlines that the motive for murder was for even more money than previously identified.

Lillie Eubank is charged with killing her husband Specialist John Eubank and hiring her own brother Carl Swain to do it.

In this new, more detailed indictment, we've learned Swain told Specialist Eubank they were going "animal tracking" in order to lure him to Holdbrook pond last November where prosecutors say Swain then beat soldier's skull with a wooden bat and left him there barely alive choking on his own blood. It says Lillie Eubank was watching nearby.

Prosecutors say this was all about the money. This latest indictment details how the couple already had existing financial issues and that Lillie Eubank would have gotten more than 500 thousand dollars from her husbands death. She would have received 400 thousand for his life insurance policy and 100 thousand dollars from a death gratutity. Prosecutors say she was going to pay swain 160 thousand dollars for carrying out the murder and use her portion to start a business and pay off bills.

In addition to murder, the two now face conspiracy to commit murder for hire and conspiracy to commit murder. Both Swain and Eubank remain behind bars.