Driver Arraigned on Three Counts of Vehicular Homicide

Adam Cochran (center) at the scene of Friday's accident.
Adam Cochran (center) at the scene of Friday's accident.

The man accused of killing three women from South Carolina after he drove the wrong way near the Talmadge Bridge is on a suicide watch tonight. It's one of the developments coming out of his arraignment earlier today.

Adam Cochran, 31, of Register, Georgia, was wheeled into Chatham County Recorder's Court. He's facing three counts of vehicular homicide in the first degree on top of driving under the influence and on the wrong side of the road.

Police say more charges, most likely speeding violations, are under investigation.

And one look at Cochran's prior record shows a history of problems on the roads. Since 1992, he has four speeding tickets. Also in 1992, he was arrested on a DUI charge, which a judge later reduced. His latest arrest involved a domestic violence charge in 2000.

In court, Cochran's attorney, Jeffrey Arnold, told Judge Claire Williams his client is distraught over the accident. The judge denied him bond and put him on suicide watch. Williams is afraid he may try to take his own life.

After the arraignment was over, Arnold avoided an on-camera interview about the case. "I don't think it would be appropriate at this time," he told us. "It's still under investigation."

A preliminary hearing is set for November 17 at 2pm. Even though bond was denied today, Cochran's attorney can apply for bond again at the next hearing.

No word yet on how long the suicide watch will last.

Reported by: Don Logana,