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WTOC Senior Active: Senior Citizen's Inc. lecture series

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There is no age limit on learning.

"I think I owe my survival to that," Jane Kahn said of continued education. " I've never stopped trying to learn.'

Senior Citizen's Inc. makes that effort easier with its Learning Center and lecture series, which was held last week at First Presbyterian Church. Over two days, six presentations offered discussions on all  things Southern.

"Oh, I love it," said Elizabeth Reid Oliver. "It's just a wonderful opportunity to go learn and meet nice people."

"We're leaning we can," added Jeff Fenstermacher. "The Learning Center is the best thing that's happened to my wife and I since we've been here."

This latest series included a talk on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and and local food writer Damon Lee Fowler's look at why Southern cooking is important.

"I just like the twist he puts on and the humor he puts on his recipes," said Fentermacher. "It just makes it real."

But it once again presented an opportunity for seniors to explore new topics, remain engaged and continue to educate themselves.

"It keeps your brain alive," said Reid Oliver. "That's what the doctors say. It will help you with your memory and goodness knows, you get to my age and you can use all the help you can get."

"I've taken something just about every quarter that they've offered something,'' added Kahn. "I think to have it presented and so easy to do and so affordable to do has opened up a whole new vista for senior citizens."

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