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Asked and Answered: Mystery in your mailbox


Viewers want to know about a mystery in their mailbox, an unmarked letter with a newspaper clipping and a Post-It note.

Is it a scam?

You have the simple white envelope with no return address and a newspaper advertisement. The Post-It note reads "James, Check this out."

Upon closer investigation, it's really an elaborate advertisement for Chatham Parkway Toyota.

It's an old-school approach to selling cars, taking some viewers by surprise, not sure what exactly this really was.

Chatham Parkway Toyota's General Manager, Rick Rondeau, explained they decided to try something outside the box and grab the consumer's attention, and the little letters have worked.

Chatham Parkway Toyota's numbers have gone up, and the information on the advertisement seemed to register with people who aren't used to getting letters in the mail in this digital age.

"By far it's not a scam," said Rondeau. "It is really a good article that explains what to expect when you come to Chatam Parkway Toyota, and what better way to put that out than a newsletter. We wanted to keep it simple, keep it clean, but we had a message we want to get out and that is Chatham Parkway Toyota has changed the way we do business."

However, don't expect these letters in the mail anymore from Chatham Parkway Toyota. They will be trying a new advertising campaign and putting the secret newsletters away. For now.

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