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Man arrested, charged with murder in 2013 Ridgeland shooting

Billy Phillips Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips, 41, was arrested and charged with the 2013 shooting death of 24-year-old Darius Woods in Ridgeland.

Phillips was captured in California and brought back on Sunday to face murder charges. On Monday, Phillips was denied bond.

Woods' family was in court on Monday, but one member was missing: Woods' mother, Tearwornia.

She died in February, her family saying it was from a broken heart. She spent the last 10 months of her life fighting for justice.

The family is sad that she's not here for this moment, but they said she made it happen.

Deandre Woods, Darius' brother, said even though his mother wasn't here, she knew.

"She knew. She knew before me," he said.

He got the call last week that the man accused of killing his brother was in police custody.

SLED said Phillips shot and killed Woods while he was asleep in his house the evening of May 18, 2013.

The family said this arrest is a victory they've been waiting for, especially their mother.

In an interview recorded in 2013, Tearwornia pleaded for justice.

"They shouldn't of killed my boy like that," she said. "Who killed my boy? I need to know who's responsible for killing my boy. They got so many unsolved murders in Jasper County, it don't make no sense. Who killed my boy? All I'm just asking is why did he kill my boy like that."

Deandre Woods and his aunt, Saundra Woods, said now that Phillips is behind bars, Tearwornia Woods will finally get her answers, and she can rest in peace.

"I knew that she died from a broken heart," said Saundra Woods. "She was really on a mission to see the person be punished for what they've don't. Like I said, I'm just so sorry that she's not here to really see that he is really going to be punished for this."

"it feels good to me, being that my mother's hard work paid off," said Deandre Woods.

Tearwornia Woods didn't want justice just for her son. Her fight was for everyone. She was the main force behind all of the Stop the Violence rallies in Ridgeland and trying to solve the other unsolved murders.

Deandre Woods said he's going to continue their fight.

The solicitor has not scheduled Phillips' next court date yet.

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