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Regional park fee considered for Waterfront Park


It's that time of the year for local governments to balance their budget, but could a regional park fee be on the horizon for Beaufort County citizens in the near future?  

The idea came to light recently when some residents offered to help find ways to maintain the Beaufort Waterfront Park, which the city maintains.

Mayor Billy Keyserling and other municipalities have considered creating a park fee for "regional assets" throughout Beaufort County.

Others believe it would be unfair to tax everyone especially if they don't use the park.

"Not everybody uses the same roads but the county has a $10 fee on roads, nobody uses the same libraries but the county has an impact fee for libraries so there's certain fees that you pay to be part of a greater community," Keyserling said.

County council has never taken up a formal request for a regional park fee.

Keyserling said the fee would not go into effect for at least the next year and a half if they did pursue it.

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