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Savanah-Chatham Public School BOE President Candidate Jolene Byrne


Georgia Primary Election Day is May 20.

One non-partisan race could be decided then, and it is getting a lot of attention.

WTOC is taking a closer look at the five people who want to lead the Savannah-Chatham Public Schools Board of Education.

All week WTOC is asking each of the five candidates questions about themselves and the issues.

Jolene Byrne is a mother and a university instructor, but why should she be school board president?

"I have the experience as a high school teacher, as a university instructor," said Byrne. "I have the passion in that I send my child to public schools. I have the drive to really take the success we've had and move it to the next level."

Byrne is also a strong supporter of allowing high school students to start their day later as the school district looks at changing student times.

"Well, that's easy," said Byrne. "Research shows students who start high school later have higher academic outcomes, lower discipline problems and improved graduation rates."

Byrne said while the district has good schools, others are not meeting school needs. Her number one goal would be to get all schools on the same page.

"The most important issue is making sure every child receives an excellent education," said Byrne. "So we need to replicate schools that are working and we need to bring in community partners to make sure the entire community is invested in this process."

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