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Woman fears for her safety after man exposed himself, followed her in park

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Ardsley Park residents are concerned about their safety after a woman said a man exposed himself at Guckenheimer Park and then followed her around her neighborhood.

"He had no purpose to be in the park, he didn't have dogs with him or a book," said the woman.

The victim didn't want to be identified, but she said she was enjoying her Friday afternoon in the park until a man showed up and started acting very strange.

She said she wasn't sure what he was doing at first when he laid down on the grass in front of her.

"And then he stood up and faced in a different direction and adjusted his pants," said the woman.

That's when she realized the man was exposing himself and walking towards her.

"At that moment I felt like I needed to get as far away as possible," said the woman.

She said she took off running out of the park and down the street, but then realized the man was following her in his car.

"He kept following slowly next to me and then he drove ahead," said the woman.

The woman says she had never seen the man before, but said he looked like could have been someone's dad.

She said he was wearing a royal blue shirt, khakis and tennis shoes.

"Just a totally normal guy that I feel I would see in a park like that," said the woman.

Now, she fears for her safety and others. She said she will think twice about going by herself in her neighborhood.

"There was not a thought in my mind that I should be on the lookout. I was just going to the park in broad daylight to read a book," said the woman.

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