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Man blames lack of police presence for River Street fight

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A fight on River Street caught on camera has caused the story to go viral on social media.

You may have seen the Facebook post from a Georgia man who said his family was attacked on River Street Saturday night. Now he wants everyone to think of Savannah as a dangerous city, unsafe for families.

The family said it took almost half an hour for police to arrive, but when police records were examined, it only took police eight to 10 minutes to respond to the incident after receiving a call about a fight on River Street on Saturday night.

The man who said his family was attacked never called police to report the incident.

Jim Thomas said he and his family had finished up dinner with eight other family members and they were walking near Rousakis Plaza when they said a man suddenly bumped into his family while passing on the sidewalk.

Thomas then said the stranger began attacking him and his family, and nearly 15 other people joined in. Thomas and his brother-in-law blame police, but a man who works on River Street and heard the fight said police were there within 10 minutes.

"I don't want this to happen to any other families," said alleged victim Robert Gray. "They need a stronger police presence, period."

"It's always within a few minutes, especially on weekends, we have police officers out here right at Wet Willies, and so there's usually not a cop that's too far away at all," said Garret Schmigle, who works on River Street.

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