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New recording surfaces in Beaufort County murder trial

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A Beaufort County murder suspect said he made a deal with investigators but was charged anyway. On Tuesday, WTOC received a copy of an interrogation tape of Aaron Young, Sr.

Young is one of the three men on trial for killing 8-year-old Khalil Singleton during a shootout nearly two years. Singleton was killed by a stray bullet.

Young said deputies told him if he gave up the murder weapon, he and his son, who is also charged in the murder, would get off easy, and the third man, Tyron Robinson, would take the fall.

Here is a transcript of the interrogation:

Cpl. Evans: "But they can't prove that it wasn't you without your gun to show that it wasn't your bullet. They can take a match of the bullet and see if it came out of your barrel. If it didn't come out of your barrel, then you guys didn't do it."

Aaron Young, Sr.: "Well, we can't get no gun tonight can you, so we going to jail?"

Evans: "If you tell us where the gun is, you can help yourself and your son."

Young: "I don't know."

Evans: "You and your son are going to go down for it with him because you and your son aren't willing to give up that gun. If your slug isn't in that little boy, then you won't be charged for murder."

The recording is what postponed the trial, and the solicitor's office is reviewing the tape.

No new trial date has been set for the three men.  

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