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Savannah-Chatham School BOE President Candidate: Sadie Brown


On Tuesday voters will elect a new Savannah-Chatham Public Schools Board of Education President.

Why does retired educator Sadie Brown think people should vote for her again as she runs for the third time?

"I know what's going on, I see it," said Brown. "I can bring these expertise and my observation to the board, and we don't have any great big major problems keeping us from succeeding, but we have a collection of small things, medium things, we need to work on together."

Brown said her nearly 40 years as a teacher, and many more involved in the education system and community, have kept her in touch with the issues facing the school system.

One of those, changing bell times for students, she's not so sure of yet.

"I need to know how the total program will be in effect," said Brown. "I am for better minds, but I need more information before I can say yes or no."

Brown said as school board president, her biggest concerns would be accountability of departments and consistency.

"These curriculums you get every year? Do away with that," she said. "Put in a curriculum and let it work for the trial period, I say three to four years. And then we'll know what we have to work with, what's working and what's not."

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