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Eyewitness describes River Street fight


An eye witnesses described what they saw the night a Forsyth County, GA family claimed they were victims of an unwarranted and brutal attack on River Street over Mother's Day weekend.

One of the places the family said they tried to get help, but were allegedly turned away from, was the Olympia Café.

The café admitted they turned away the Jim Thomas and Rob Gray, the two men who were injured after the altercation. One of the wait staff said the men came in, saying they were attacked, but the management watched what they called a fight, instigated by both parties.

Staff still called 911 and helped the women and children, but like so many others, opinions about the video, Facebook post and the facts vary.

"They weren't quickly trying to escape … in an effort of ‘let's go, let's go, we don't want to get hurt,'" said witness Susan Sudder. "It was like they had to be pulled."

Sudder was on River Street and saw the fight in front of Olympia Café. Thomas and his brother-in-law, Gray, called it unwarranted and a brutal attack on their whole family, including children.

Police found no evidence children were harmed, but Alderman Tony Thomas said police need to find the other family and get answers.

"It is a black eye for the city," said Thomas. "Apparently this person felt strong enough in the city of Atlanta to put this there, and the video does demonstrate an act of violence occurred."

"If it was a random attack, hopefully good citizens would come out and try to help," said Sudder. "However, that did not appear to be the case. The aftermath said otherwise also based on the demeanor of the family and the men involved. It wasn't like they were trying to escape for their safety."

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