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Tim's Take: The Grayson option


There is usually too much verbal acrobatics from politicians. But a little double talk and subject changing from Savannah City Council Thursday was actually a good thing.

Council ceded to hardball capital's repeated requests and voted to study the feasibility of a new stadium in Savannah. But they also said they would see what it would take to renovate Grayson Stadium, which was part curveball, part purpose pitch and entirely the right move.

"It's part of our due diligence, I think we have to be responsible enough to put everything on the table,'' said alderman Van Johnson. "Ultimately, we have to have a heart to heart with our citizens and ask do we want baseball here and secondly, do we want baseball here for $35 million.''

It would be great to have a nice, new, comfortable place to watch a ballgame.

But an historic city deserves an historic stadium, should do everything it can to hold onto a ballpark where Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson once played. Even if that's a long shot.

"Well, we could look at it.,'' said Savannah Leisure Services Department director Joe Shearhouse. " But we've done that before and, frankly, those other studies have shown it's not very cost effective, it's be very difficult.''

But if there is a way to add appropriate parking, luxury suites and concessions, to give the old place on Victory Drive a new feel at a far lower cost than building another one, that option has to be explored.

"I think any discussion would have to include Grayson Stadium,'' said Johnson. "Because it might not be good enough for this team, but it might be good enough for the next team that wants to come here.''

And because baseball's future in savannah shouldn't be as simple as if you don't build it, they will leave.

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