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Chatham County preps for primary voting


The old Chatham County Courthouse is just one of the polling location's that will be open for Georgia's May 20 primary.

Joseph Steffen, the Chairman of the Board of Elections saidhe expects a low turnout, especially since many of the races are for Republican candidates.

This is also the first time the election has been held this early, usually it is held in July.

This decision was the result of a federal lawsuit awarded on behalf of military personnel and others overseas who were not afforded at least 45 days to process absentee ballots for primary runoffs.

Another change that is being enforced this year is the mandate that all poll workers sign a waiver for background checks, to ensure they are us citizens and have valid driver's licenses.

"Everyone has adjusted to the changes. We have more than adequate poll people that are going to be out there working and they did a good job for us making sure the election stays clean," Steffen said. 

Again, Georgia's primary is on Tuesday, May 20.

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