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Veterans, Supporters Turn Out for Savannah Parade

Americans all over the country are honoring our veterans today. While we celebrate Veterans Day on home soil, so many brave men and women are fighting overseas. Savannah's parade was a mix of remembrance and reflection.

While banks and schools close down for the day, the reason for their closing marched down Broughton Street. Marcia Byrd brought her grandkids out to experience a history lesson. "We are free today because of what so many of these veterans did for us."

The 2004 Veterans Day parade featured war heroes from many conflicts. Like parade marshal Lawrence Fort, who fought in World War II, and Veteran of the Year, Jack Adams, a US Marine with 20 years of service including Korea and Vietnam.

Looking on were soldiers from the not so distant past. Veterans like Gulf War soldier Clyde Weston. "It makes me proud, cause one day it will probably be me out there marching around," he said.

Even with all the red and white and blue flowing, Clyde was hoping more people would be out lining the streets, especially with a war in Iraq still raging on.

"They're missing out on a good time to support them, they need the support at this time," he said.

Even after 55 years, this annual Veterans Day parade still holds a basic underlying theme for Marcia Byrd. "To do your best and to serve your country."

Reported by: Don Logana,

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