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House being condemned after reports of animal hoarding


Animal Control is transporting several dogs to the Humane Society after Garden City police discovered the dogs, along with several horses, living in extreme squalor conditions.

Officers are continuing to search the premises, looking for more animals. They've already found one more dog since Tuesday afternoon, bringing the total number of dogs to 15.

Garden City police officers got a complaint from a citizen about the animals on the property, saying they were being kept in harsh conditions.

Landlord JoAnn Jones was shocked to learn what her Garden City property looked like. She said her tenant, Patricia Howard does have a good heart, but somewhere down the line became overwhelemed and stopped caring for the animals.

When officers got to the home they discovered 15 dogs, five horses, a donkey and some birds and cats. It was a total of more than 20 animals, all living and resting in their own feces, some with untreated medical conditions.

"In the past year or two she's just been overworked and overrun, she works nights at Walmart and comes in and tries to take care of all these animals. It's just become more than what she can take care of," Jones said. 

Officers could not enter the home without a mask and breathing apparatus. 

"The amonia, the fecies, the trash and from what I'm understanding many years worth," Officer Barbara O'Neal said. "That's the only way we could stand to be inside."

The horses have been surrendered to a stable for care and treatment.

The woman who is renting the house has 30 days to find a new place to live. 

All of the dogs are being taken to the Humane Society where they can be adopted out to find new homes.

"So they will be very well taken care of - get them well treated, all up to date on their shots and we'll rehome if possible," Nick Hall with Webs Farm services said. 

Jones said she knows Howard has always meant well, she just opened her heart and her home to too many animals.

"She's a good person. She's got a heart the size of this barn, she's just run into some really hard times and she needs some help," Jones said. 

Both Howard and Jones would love to see these dogs adopted and find new homes.

This case remains under investigation. 

In Garden City there is an ordinance that you can only have three dogs. 

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