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Neighborhood watch beefs up after shooting


Neighbors are taking matters into their own hands to prevent more violence after a man was shot early Wednesday morning on West 46th Street in Savannah.

Neighbors said they plan on holding several events starting next week to keep children safe and engaged during the summer months. They also plan on beefing up their watch group.

They said they're not going to let crime creep into their neighborhood.

Robert Reeves has lived in the 600 block of 46th Street for a number of years.

Recently retired, he's taken it upon himself to help run the Neighborhood Watch.

"I walk a lot around here," said Reeves. "There are a lot of kids. You may hear about things happening around here but it is a small component. You have a lot of elderly people, school kids, working class people that live In this neighborhood."

This morning, the peacefulness he describes was interrupted.

Savannah Chatham Metro Police said 23-year-old King Reeves was shot as he walked to a relative's house who lives on the block around 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

"I went out to talk to him, and he said three dudes with hoods on were following him. The next thing he knew he was shot and they left," said resident Robert Coleman.

"I am very happy a neighbor of mine was up at that time and responded to the young fellow that got shot," said Reeves. "That shows you the commitment we have with the neighbors and other people."

Police don't believe this was a random crime, but that doesn't exactly put people at ease.

"It worries me that it could happen again," said Reeves.

Now Reeves and his neighbors plan on being a little more vigilant to protect their peace.

"Be aware that is the only way we can keep the neighborhood safe," said Coleman. "You see something suspicious, call the police."

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