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Port Wentworth can't afford new school costs


The mayor of Port Wentworth said his city cannot afford to pay its share of the cost for a new school, and now Savannah-Chatham Public School board members said they've been backed into a corner.

Mayor Glenn Jones asked board members for more than $200,000 to cover costs for inspection and building permits for the new Port Wentworth School.

Jones said there is just no money for that, but the school board said West Chatham County really needs that school to alleviate overcrowding. There's just no more room at Godley Station School.

School board officials said they felt cornered to vote in favor of covering Port Wentworth's share of the cost.

Jones said they do not have the money for the initial inspections and infrastructure needs, like building the roads around the new school.

Some board members argued that other cities within the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System have been able to come up with the money. Board members said they approved the funding only because the students desperately need this new school.

"I understand that they have to do due diligence with their money, they're a group that has a budget," said Jones. "Just like the city of Port Wentworth has a budget, they have to work within that and sometimes they may not understand, just like we don't understand, when people bring stuff to us."

Jones he was disappointed they only voted in favor five to three, but he is pleased the project does not have to be delayed.

Savannah-Chatham Public Schools is paying for the school itself, which is costing about $29 million. It's expected to open August 2015.

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