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Garden City resident could face charges for hoarding animals


Charges may be pending against the Garden City resident who was hoarding more than 20 animals in deplorable conditions.

Police said they are waiting to file charges based on the outcome of the animals' evaluations.

Several dogs have been evaluated, and many were hoping some of the dogs would be ready for new homes, but those dogs were in much worse condition than initially thought, and some were in such bad condition, they had to be euthanized.

More than 15 dogs were removed from a Garden City residence after authorities discovered them uncared for and needing medical treatment and living in their own feces.

"Just the living conditions, in terms of feces. This is a contaminated material," said Humane Society Executive Director Lynn Gensamer. "And to be living in that, the animals who were in the house. It takes an evaluation."

Animal Control brought 11 of the dogs to the Humane Society on Tuesday, and they were medically assessed as soon as they arrived.

"They were terribly traumatized," said Gensamer. "Some of them had been tranquilized. Some of them had their tethers still embedded in their necks. They were not able to be removed."

Some of the dogs were so sick, the vets mad the tough call to euthanize seven of them.

"It's always a judgment call, but guideline for us is pain and suffering for the animal," said Gensamer. "And just prolonging pain and suffering, and it was our opinion that that was the situation with the animals in questions, and so we elected for humane reasons to euthanize some of them."

Four of the dogs have more treatable, and right now are adjusting before doctors begin treatment. Overall, a situation the Humane Society said sheds light on a very difficult discussion.

"If you suspect that someone is neglecting their animals, please let the authorities know these animals could have been helped a lot sooner, because this is a condition that just doesn't happen in a short period of time," said Gensamer.

The four dogs that were not taken to the Humane Society were taken to the Animal Control Shelter.

Officers said they are waiting for the medical evaluations on the horses before deciding to file any charges.

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