Taylor Berry Laid to Rest

Taylor was buried in Bonaventure Cemetery.
Taylor was buried in Bonaventure Cemetery.

A weeklong ordeal has ended for the family and friends of two-year-old drowning victim Taylor Berry. Today, she was laid to rest.

Grandmother Carolyn Helmey says the funeral was the final act in the family's seven days of heartache. "It really has been a tough week, very hard, very, very hard."

"I didn't know these people, but I felt their pain," said Kix 96 radio personality Laura Anderson.

Anderson was at the funeral, a stranger moved by Taylor's story. "What broke my heart was when they took the casket by. It was so small. There should never be one that small."

The Kix 96 DJ set up a fund in Taylor's name and helped raise more than $1,700--and still counting--for her funeral expenses. "The cemetery waived the fees and the total cost is just around $1,600," she said.

"I can't express enough how much we appreciate what everyone has done," said Helmey.

From Saturday, when Taylor went missing, to Monday, when her body was found in a pond near her family's home in Midway, Helmey says the pain won't go away just because the funeral is over.

And neither will little Taylor's memory. "We're just going bury this little girl, this little angel, and remember her forever."

Taylor was laid to rest at Forest Lawn at Bonaventure Cemetery. All extra donations from the Taylor Berry fund will be going to a missing children's charity.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com